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About SoulSpring Wellness


SoulSpring Wellness is passionate about the potential for human learning, growth and transformation. It seeks to offer tools and knowledge that can equip individuals with the ability to live healthy, balanced and meaningful lives.


Located in Vancouver, BC, SoulSpring Wellness offers continuing education yoga therapy workshops, intensive and trainings with master teachers.


SoulSpring Wellness is owned and operated by local Vancouver yoga teacher and yoga therapist Christina Niven. She has been teaching yoga since 2000 and also has a background in event management.


As part of the team that created The Yoga Show & Conference in 2002 & 03,  followed by other large conferences, Christina has a strong foundation both in the teaching of yoga as well as the production of educational events. Both reflect her passion for learning and continual growth.


For further information on Christina as yoga teacher/therapist and her classes, please visit


Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous.

- Confucius