ABOUT SOULSPRING | SoulSpring Wellness
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About: SoulSpring Wellness


has been in operation since 2010 in Vancouver BC and is owned and operated

by yoga therapist Christina Niven.



  • PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS in therapeutic yoga and assisted stretching


  • STUDIO CLASSES  in therapeutic yoga/ gentle movement


  • WORKSHOPS on topics relating to yoga therapy, posture, back health


  • SHAMANIC breathwork & drum journeys


  • SACRED SPACE clearing, opening and closing

SOULSPRING WELLNESS has had the pleasure of hosting the following esteemed teachers since 2010:


Judith Hanson Lasater:

Experiential Anatomy (2016)

Yoga for Anxiety, Anger and Depression (2015)

Moving from the Organs (2013)

Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (2012)

Anatomy & Asana for the Sacral Iliac and Lumbar Spine (2012)


Other teachers:

Tyr Throne, Somalogy (Therapeutic Movement, 2014)

Dr Loren Roche, The Radiance Sutras (Meditation Teacher Training, 2011)

Matthew Cohen, Sacred Energy Arts,  Santa Monica (Yoga & Qi Gong, 2011)

Julian Walker, Los Angeles (Yoga, Integral Theory and Ecstatic Dance, 2009, 2010)



  • YOGA CLASSES ranging from strong flow to gentle hatha yoga


  • LUNCH & LEARN SERIES on posture, back care basics for the office and stress management






  • RESTORATIVE TEACHER TRAINING with Christina Niven at the Vancouver School of Yoga


  • MONTHLY STUDY GROUPS on topics specific to aging and specialized populations


  • CONTINUING EDUCATION INTENSIVES with master teacher Judith Hanson Lasater
About: Christina Niven


christinaI have been teaching yoga since 2000 and have been fortunate to do extensive study with truly wonderful and esteemed teachers whose expertise have spanned in scope from yoga therapy, anatomy, Ashtanga, Vijnana and Anusara yoga.  I have 1600+ hours of yoga training and thousands of hours teaching experience. To see a detailed summary, please click on the link below.


CLICK HERE for a detailed list of my training.


I originally came to yoga as an athlete looking for a workout, and also a way to connect with myself spiritually. I had suffered (and recovered) from a long-time eating disorder, and though I didn’t know it at the time, I found a framework that would help me to bridge and heal the mind-body split I had experienced.


Yoga provided a means where I could connect the two. It gave me tools to quieten my thoughts and listen within – to connect with my Spirit and deepest self.


In addition to the yogic path, my journey includes 16 years with my shamanic teacher, Gael Carter. Under her guidance, I met the many parts of myself – my most brilliant, most dark, wounded and wondrous. I gained powerful tools, ceremonies and strategies to connect to and heal the depths of being, to experience the beauty and sacredness of life, and to honour it. It is on the shamanic path that I found my greatest healing and re-connection. It is here that I came to value myself, and to live from that place in my life.


As another part of my journey in more recent years, I have come to experience breathwork as a profound and beautiful transformational tool. Inspired by its depth and capacity to support healing, I proceeded to train as a facilitator with my gifted teacher Robin Clements. Along with two colleagues, Thilo Many Bears and Amber Host, I co-facilitate regular shamanic breathwork ceremonies in Vancouver BC.