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Conscious Connected Breath




Breath of Life empowers us to become our own healers and to align with higher visions for our lives. During this type of breathwork we can experience greater connectedness to life, increase our capacity to manifest our dreams, and awaken to the deepest and wisest parts of ourselves.


This is a form of Conscious Connected Breath that calls us forth into the present moment of Being. There is often a shift and expansion in conscious awareness.


Breath is life, and it enables us to release old holding patterns in a safe and healthy way. As a result, we are able to breathe in new life.


This is a tool for healing, nourishing and awakening. It is profound and sacred. Yogis and shamans have recognized the potency of the breath for millennia.


We invite you to your own inner awakening


to breathe in the potential of what can be and


to breathe out that which no longer serves you … to let go




Sunday April 22, 2018, 4:00 – 7:00 pm




3:45               Arrival/ set-up of your spot

4:00              Welcome, introduction of the technique and each other

4:45               The breath journey/experience (multiple components)

6:30               Sharing circle & nibbles

7:00               Completion




$30 pre-paid via e-transfer to jessicamaryannehill(at)


Please pre-register due to limited space availability. Registration by or before noon on the day of the event would be greatly appreciated if possible.




The event takes place in a community home in Dunbar. Address of event will be provided upon registration.


Please bring a water bottle, pillow, blanket and yoga mat. If your body tends to be a little more sensitive, an additional blanket or extra padding  is a good idea.



This form of Conscious Connected breathwork is gentler than other forms of breathwork, and has the potential to provide a deeply powerful and transformational experience. It serves to support the nervous system and an individual in gently opening into blocked physical, emotional/mental and spiritual aspects of oneself.


Each breath ceremony will include time to introduce and explain the technique and its benefits. We will also move using dance, shaking and/or other kinds of practices to prepare us for breathing.


The breath practice is done lying down while breathing through the mouth. There is no pause on the inhale or exhale and the breath continues to cycle for most of the session. At the end, time is given for deep relaxation and integration followed by a sharing circle and some munchies to ground back down into the world.


Each person chooses the degree to which they breathe, and is guided by facilitators during each session. The experience is supported through setting intentions, prayers, intentional music and Source Consciousness.



  • Rebalancing of parasympathetic nervous system
  • Enables relaxation and replenishing of one’s body and Being
  • Detoxification of internal organs
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased energy and aliveness
  • Resolution of emotional blocks and experiences
  • Release of old traumas
  • Increased clarity
  • Deeper connection to Self, Life and Others
  • Grounded awareness in the physical body
  • Increased Presence in one’s life


In my personal experience, this form of breathwork is one of the most potent, beautiful and transformational modalities for healing. Through it, I have been able to heal aspects of my life and myself I previously thought not possible.  (Christina)